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Secure Investment

Your account is securely managed by a team of dedicated and experienced developers.

Transparent Platform
Transparent Platform

We stay true to our words because that is the only way we can grow and dominate the House rental market. Payouts are made as soon as possible.


You can reinvest your profits at monthly intervals for those that understand the essence of compounding.

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Signing up with Harvey is simple and only takes a few minutes. We have the best way of transactions (cryptocurrencies) which makes it very easy for us to connect with investors worldwide, so no complicated paperwork required to fund your account. If you need assistance on this, you can send us a mail or write on the live-chat.

View Details & Invest


View Details & Invest

View details of your income on your dashboard and see the date and time your ROI was credited to you as well as other relevant informations regarding your earnings.

Earn and Track


Earn and Track

You have full visibility into the performance of your investment. Track your total current.

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Trusted by Over 3,000 Worldwide Customer since 2022

We divide accumulated profits made in order of Risk-Reward evaluation, and share the profits by percentages ranging from 0.6% - 0.8% daily which falls within 3% - 4% weekly (5 working days) ROI. Incomes made outside the 5 days of the week are used for maintenance and payment of Worker’s salaries.

“Heard of Harvey Estates through a college at work, thought it was one of those get rich quick or recruit someone to earn type of stuff, but after i spoke with a representative of the support team, i knew i found what i was looking for, it’s been an amazing journey so far for me”

Allan Murphy

Alabama, USA

Came across their page on linkedin, the explanatory video was super captivating, dug into the platform further and decided to give it a try, things make more sense with HRES, I’m proudly investing and growing my earnings with them”

Allan Murphy

Florida, USA

“Never had energy to manage properties, i called them and submitted a proposal of one of my properties in USA here, they accepted to take it up on lease for 5 years and got the place fixed up, now i see them reporting the place as fully booked every other day, from a landlady to a carefree investor and still maintaining my other businesses and family”

Allan Murphy

Nevada, USA

“Young and little savings, i kept on looking at how best to start investing at this age, rental services, real estate and all that looked like they were never going to be possible because they require a lot of capital to start, came across HRES and was intrigued by the fact that i could start as little as $200 and grow from there, so far it’s been an amazing journey with them and i hope to build my wealth from here”

Allan Murphy

British Columbia, Canada

Been a smooth journey for me and my family, more like a God given opportunity, I’m not worried about recession or inflation anymore, with strategic investing, we know where we are headed with HRES!

Allan Murphy

Queensland, Australia

“ Best company to trust to deal with all the headaches of property management and financial services. If you’re an investor, you definitely know what it means to take advantage of real estate and rental services in other countries, HRES is helping us solve this problem and I’m super happy to be an investor with them”

Allan Murphy

Jakarta, Indonesia

I’m more than happy to be a part of the marketing team, we meet a lot of people who are interested about HRES, i started as an investor and now I’m helping change lives, all efforts in making the world smile, thanks to HRES for the opportunity

Allan Murphy

North London, UK

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